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Distribution & Fulfillment Solution

Need a simple way to get corporate merchandise into the hands of those who are working-from-home?

Introducing Cotton Candy's

The turnkey, multi-address fulfillment solution for organizations of any size.

How Does it Work

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We collaborate to create a time-limited offering of customized products. A pdf of the details is then created and hosted privately online.
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You share a link to the pdf with your recipients.
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Recipients open the link to read about the offer. A button on the pdf leads them to an online info gathering form.
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Recipients complete the form to submit product preference, apparel sizes, and the ship-to address of their choosing.
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When the buying window closes, we produce the orders and take care of all fulfillment, leaving you with delighted recipients and a single invoice!

To learn more about how this smart and timely service can help you address your needs, please contact your Cotton Candy Account Executive or send an email to